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GP-SPRNGR - Springer Mountain - Alternate Site


Springer Mountain - "Optional" Site Amicola Falls State Park Fanin County, GA


Over the years, we've activated three sites - all under the name GP-SPRNGR.

Q: "Why does the Appalachian Trail Start/Stop in Northern Georgia?" *

A: "Because it does" *

Why? For several reasons:

  1. Decisions to relocate the site were made by the hams that activated the site during the year in question.
  2. Relocating from Springer Mountain to Mount Oglethorpe was considered a justifiable move given this hisorical significance of being the original southern terminus.
  3. We like to confuse people - we are very good at it (just kidding).

Secret Decoder Ring

The site names have been altered through the addition of a three-letter abbreviated suffix in an effort to distinguish the three locations:

  • Springer Mountain (GP-SPRNGRORG - ORG = Original) is the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail
  • Springer Mountain (GP-SPRNGROPT - OPT = Optional): more easily accessible via an automobile in comparison to the the current location on Springer Mountain
  • Springer Mountain (GP-SPRNGROGL - OGL = Mount Oglethorpe) - roughly 12 miles "as the crow flies" from Springer Mountain - also easily accessible via an automobile and has a pavilion with picnic tables which provides shelter from the elements as well as a comfortable position to spend the three to four hours of the event.

Location & Other Details

  • Altitude: 3397' ASL
  • Coordinates:
  • Decimal Degrees (DD): 34.635333, -84.188833
  • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 34° 38.12' N, 84° 11.33' W
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS): 34° 38' 7.2" N, 84° 11' 19.8" W
  • WGS84: -5032844.952818, -4103055.11591
  • What3Words: ///oddness.mutant.sesame
  • Maidenhead: EM74VP
  • Link North: GP-CLNGMN
  • Link South: End of the Line