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Kenwood TH-D75A - Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Configuration

COMING SOON - Documentation in Progress - Check back the weekend of 6/15/2024


The Kenwood TH-D75A first shipped in January 2024. While it appears to support all of the required APRS options, it has not been field tested. We hope to test the device during the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet 2024 event on Mount Kathadin located in Maine (KATHDN).

While the Kenwood TH-D75A is well-suited for the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event, its power output is 5-watts maximum. As such, it can only be used at the northern-most sites which are much closer together compared to other sites along the Appalachian Trail.

If you are interested in using the TH-D75A, please discuss it with the coordinators of the event.


Once your radio is configured, the end result will allow you to operate as follows:

VFO A: 144.340 MHz - APRS enabled (Appalachian Trail Golden Packet APRS frequency*)

VFO B: 444.925 MHz (Tone 100 Hz) - Voice communications with adjacent stations


DO NOT USE THE STANDARD APRS frequency 144.390 MHz for Appalachian Trail Golden Packet!