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Kenwood TH-D74A - Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Configuration

COMING SOON - Documentation in Progress - Check back the weekend of 6/15/2024


The Kenwood TH-D74A APRS functionality does not include support for digipeating. As such, it is ONLY well-suited for the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event if it is used at an end station. The only two locations where use of the TH-D74A would be permissible would be KATHDN or SPRNGR.

Moreover, when taking into account that its power output is limited to 5-watts maximum it can only be used at KATHDN.

If you are interested in using the TH-D74A, please discuss it with the coordinators of the event.


Once your radio is configured, the end result will allow you to operate as follows:

VFO A: 144.340 MHz - APRS enabled (Appalachian Trail Golden Packet APRS frequency*)

VFO B: 444.925 MHz (Tone 100 Hz) - Voice communications with adjacent stations


DO NOT USE THE STANDARD APRS frequency 144.390 MHz for Appalachian Trail Golden Packet!