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Kenwood Mobile Radios

Kenwood TM-D710GA

Kenwood TM-D710GA

Kenwood TM-D710GA Mobile Radio

The Kenwood TM-D710GA is, by far, the most widely used radio used along the AT for the event.

Kenwood TM-D710A

Kenwood TM-D710A

Kenwood TM-D710A/E Mobile Radio

Link and photos are from a Kenwood TM-D710E (European model) as it was difficult to locate any official Kenwood resources for this particular model.

Kenwood: Positioning by GPS - Knowledge by APRS

Kenwood TM-D700A

Kenwood TM-D700A/E

Kenwood TM-D700A/E Mobile Radio

VHF/UHF FM Dual Bander Data Communicator - TM-D700A/E

Just as the Internet has ushered in a new era of computing, APRS® has added a new dimension to radio communications. And you can experience it all with KENWOOD's new TM-D700A/E.

One of the greatest pleasures of exploration is being able to communicate each new discovery. And KENWOOD's TM-D700A/E Data Communicator allows you to do just that. This FM dual-band mobile transceiver harnesses APRS®, GPS and SSTV technologies to provide world-class communications for the Great Outdoors.

As smart as KENWOOD's new TM-D700A/E is -- with its extra-large amber & black display (reversible) -- it is even smarter inside. This new-generation mobile transceiver features a built-in TNC to offer a wide range of data communications options, including simple packet operation using the AX.25 protocol. You can even send and receive SSTV images (using KENWOOD's VC-H1). But above all the TM-D700A/E is fully equipped to make the most of APRS® -- the Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System.

Features at a Glance

  • KISS Mode (TM-D700E only)
  • Built-in 1200/9600bps TNC compliant with AX.25 protocol
  • Full Dual-band operation: VHF x VHF/ VHF x UHF/ UHF x UHF
  • Remote panel (extension cable and panel holder supplied) with extra-large (188 x 54 dots) backlit LCD & multifunction key display (reversible)
  • D-sub 9-pin terminal (for PCs)
  • GPS input terminal (NMEA-0183)
  • 9600bps PC-based packet communications for chat, BBS

APRS® (Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System)

The TM-D700A/E has everything you need to explore the exciting possibilities of APRS® -- and you don't even have to own a computer. If you know your current position, you can manually input latitude and longitude data for transmission to other members of your group or to anyone using APRS®. Of course, a GPS unit will effectively do this for you, and ensure accuracy. When you receive a friend's coordinates, you can display latitude/longitude, direction and distance on your own Data Communicator. Like all of the best ideas, in both conception and execution APRS® is beautiful in its simplicity.

APRS Features

  • Positional/directional data

  • With an NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receiver you can transmit your exact position for automatic calculation of distance, current speed and heading. Any of the last 4 digits can be masked for variable "position ambiguity" if you wish to limit accuracy. You can also limit your own APRS® reception from a maximum range of 2,500 miles to just 10 miles.

  • Unprotocol

  • When you need to focus, this function allows you to control what data you receive. Choose all calls, special (events), or alternate net (group code).

  • Versatile messaging

  • Transmission of position data can be accompanied by position comments (15 selectable settings), 5 programmable status texts (up to 28 characters), icons, and bulletins. For added messaging flexibility, individual alpha messages (up to 64 characters) can also be sent. Internal memory can store up to 16 transmitted/received messages.

  • Station list

  • Received APRS® data can be stored in up to 40 memory channels for listing on the LCD display. You can pick any one to see full details of a station's status (fixed, moving, weather, etc.), as well as its position and heading.

  • Grid square locator

  • TX interval (0.2/0.5/1/2/3/5/10/20/30 min.)

  • Packet path selection with Digipeat
  • Weather station & Power Height Gain (PHG) data reception
  • Digipeat function capability
  • Auto Message Reply
  • Audible APRS® message receive (call sign) notification (requires VS-3)
  • Waypoint position data output

Updated 2002/10/29 (C) 2001 KENWOOD Corporation


We hope Kenwood won't mind us archiving some of this very important history - just in case the content is ever removed from their website - we would like to have a place so we cao continue to cherish it!