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DigiPi 1.8

ATGP endorses DigiPi - created by Craig - KM6LYW

What is DigiPi?

The DigiPi is the ultimate hot-spot for all amateur radio data modes, including APRS, ax.25, winlink email, ft8, js8cal, slowscanTV, PSK31, packet and even CW. The implementation is an elegant, inexpensive, low-power, open-source Raspberry-Pi--based amateur radio data transceiver, managed exclusively by web browsers or smart-phone apps, with no bulky keyboards, monitors or complicated wiring.


  • Packet radio Terminal Node Controler KISS interface via wifi or bluetooth

  • Use with xastir, yaac, woad, aprsdroid, and any open-standard KISS apps

  • APRS WebChat interface

  • Send instant messages over the APRS packet network via your web browser

  • APRS Packet Radio Network digipeater

  • Repeat packets heard on 144.390 and 144.800(europe)

  • APRS Packet Radio network IGate

  • Bridge APRS Network to the Internet for email, sms, and other online services

  • Winlink email server

  • Listen for Winlink radio clients requesting to send/recieve email

  • Winlink email client

  • Pat, web-based inbox/outbox email interface

  • ARDOP sound modem to connect to winlink servers world-wide on HF bands
  • Woad Winlink Android app connects to DigiPi via wireless TNC/KISS interface


  • Ultra low signal-to-noise ratio contacts via web-browser/wifi/phone

  • JS8 Call

  • Ultra low signal-to-noise ratio keyboard-to-keyboard via web-browser/wifi/phone

  • FLDigi

  • CW, PSK31, RTTY, Contessa, FSQ, Hell, IFKP, MFSK MT63, Olivia, PSK QPSK, 8PSK, PSKR, THOR, Throb, WeatherFax

  • Slow Scan TV

  • Send/receive images via web-browser/wifi/phone

  • AX.25 Networking

  • Radio connected network protocol used for winlink/node services IP tunnel, with actual address on the internet (44.* for amateur radio)
  • Node Services
  • Run your own bulletin board, or messaging service
  • Connect to other nodes, via intermediate nodes

DigiPi and Appalachian Trail Golden Packet

  • The Appalachian Trail Golden Packet is giving consideration to using DigiPi in conjunction with the

Learn More About Digi-Pi

You can learn more about DigiPi by visiting the official DigiPi website:

You can support Craig and his countless hours of efforts to build and maintain DigiPi by becoming a supporter on Patreon. A few dollars a month goes a long way! Every bit counts!