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Audio Interfaces

The ATGP Appliance is - BLAH BLAH BLAH


DINAH (DIN connector based Allstar interface for Hams) is an extremely high-quality USB audio interface built for use with Allstar. The same characteristics that make it great for use with Allstar, also make it great for use with APRS.

The DINAH can be reconfigured to automatically key a radio through a very simple modification - cutting a trace on the PCB inside the metal enclosure.

Digirig Mobile

We opted to expand the lineup this year to ensure procurement of hardware would be less difficult than in years past.

In the same vain as the DINAH, Digirig Mobile is another fantastic audio interface that provides stellar support for APRS - in addition to many other digital modes.

Jeff (W4JEW) performed extensive testing of the Digirig Mobile interface in conjunction with the ATGP Appliance before and during ATGP 23.

This gave us the confidence that we could add the Digirig Mobile as an option for ATGP 2024.