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APRS Digipeater Operation

Credit: WA8LMF - APRS Digipeater Operation

The following animated GIF provides an illustration of how the New Paradigm path uses a home "fill-in" digipeater with two tiers of high-level digipeaters.

IMPORTANT - For illustrative purposes, this example uses a path setting with three digipeater hops (WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2) in order to clearly show how WIDEn-N decrementing works.

In general, nobody should ever use more than TWO hops. Using more than two hops can create a significant amount of congestion on the APRS network.

Don't forget, we rely on a single shared frequency for APRS operations:

  • North America: 144.390 MHz
  • Europe: 144.800 MHz
  • Australia: 145.175 MHz

Note the changes in the path string as packets pass through each of the three digipeaters.

APRS Digipeating