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Appalachian Trail Golden Packet

Welcome to the official Appalachian Trail Golden Packet!

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Countdown to ATGP 2024!

What is the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet?

For anyone that's never heard of the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet - you're missing out!

Every year for the past 15 years, licensed amateur radio operators coordinate 15+ sites along the length of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia. We use transceivers to exchange packet data between each site with the goal of sending the "golden packet" the entire length of the trail!

Robert Bruninga (WB4APR - Silent Key), the creator of the APRS protocol, founded the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event. The intent is to get licensed amateur radio operators ("hams") to feel more comfortable with operating in the field, while demonstrating the ability to send real-time messages along 2200+ miles without the need for any infrastructure!

We've had many successes over the years! It's a really exciting one of a kind event! We hope you'll join us this year!

ATGP 2024 Details

Please visit the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet 2024 event page for details on this year's event!

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